Electrical motor reduced model implementation in circuit simulator (2017-2018)

In the electrical engineering field and more generally in electrical industry, the numerical simulation allows to obtain very accurate information about a system behavior at an early stage of development. Indeed, testing an industrial electrical device can sometimes be harmful for itself, or very expensive to set-up. However, the computational cost maybe very important with finite element method, for instance, because of a high number of unknowns, or strong nonlinearities in the system. In order to reduce the computational time and, thus, achieve competitive industrialization time, Model Order Reduction methods have been recently developed [1]. Finite element computations build a reduced model for material under investigation. Some results have been obtained with electrical rotating machines and transformer reduced model implementation in circuit simulator (like EMTP-RV [2]) have been performed.

Thomas Henneron, Benjamin Goursaud, Jean – Pierre Ducreux

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