Development of the method to model the far field (2018 - 2019)


Since more 15 years, the OMN research group (Numerical Tools and Modelling, L2EP and EDF R&D) develops a software called Code_Carmel ( to solve the Maxwell equations in 3D and in low frequency. This collaboration leads to the creation of a joint laboratory in 2006: the LAMEL
Code_Carmel can compute very precisely the behaviors of the electrical machines such that transformers, synchronous machines or induction machines. And the source code is constantly upgraded to improve its quality (accuracy, robustness and speed) and its accessibility (usability, maintainability and also easy access to new programmers).
Currently, to compute fields outside of the machine (the leakage flux), we consider a large “air box”. This dramatically increases the size of our model because this region must be meshed also. And thus, it increases the computation time for solving the problem.


The objective of the project is to implement inside Code_Carmel a method to take into account the boundary condition at the “infinity”. The methods are well known [Tsukerman2006-2011, Tsynkov2003, Ryaben’kii2002] but still need to be implemented in our code.

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